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As a result of the rapidly increasing number of researchers, research activities and publications, it is becoming more and more difficult to correctly allocate research activities.

ORCID is a non-profit organization that assigns identifiers for researchers. ORCID iDs enable a clear attribution of research achievements to persons - even with different spellings, identical names and name changes. Each ORCID iD consists of 16 characters and is unique. You can use your ORCID iD and your data stored there for a lifetime, independent of employer and research area. To create an ORCID iD, all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail address.

ORCID iDs may be used for the allocation of publications, projects, research data, etc. They are also valuable in the field of research evaluation and for the integration of research achievements from different sources.

Publications from numerous publishers that collaborate with ORCID can be included in their ORCID records provided that the authors allow this. This means that the ORCID record can always be kept up to date without administrative effort or multiple data entry. With the exception of the name and the ORCID iD (both are mandatory and always public), researchers can determine the visibility and display of all profile information themselves and change the settings at any time (access options: everyone / trusted parties / only me).

ORCID iDs are also used by many institutions and research funders such as the FWF. At the University of Graz, the ORCID iD must be provided when applying for funding from the publication fund.

The University of Graz has been a member of ORCID since 1.1.2019 as part of an Austrian consortium. Further information on ORCID can be found at orcid.org, you can register at: orcid.org/register


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