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Open Access self-archiving

The secondary publication (or self-archiving) of publications in subject-specific or institutional Open Access repositories is referred to as Green Open Access. A secondary publication may be carried out in several repositories concurrently. In contrast to academic networks such as ResearchGate, repositories are non-commercial and can be used by anyone without identification, and their documents are integrated in numerous databases.

Before self-archiving a paper or book, the author(s) must check which version of the publication (pre-print, post-print, publisher´s version) can be used. Self-archiving a publication immediately after the first publication is usually not permitted by the publisher. However, in some disciplines such as physics, it is common for the author's manuscript (pre-print) to be published in repositories even before the version of record is published.

The conditions and embargo period of a secondary publication depend on the publishing contract. According to the Austrian Copyright Law (§ 37a), authors have the right to deposit their research articles one year after their publication on a non-profit server (repository). However, this only applies if Austrian law is applicable. In all other cases, in order to avoid legal problems, the publisher's policy should be followed.

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