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Academic SEO

Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO for short) is a still neglected aspect of preparing a scientific manuscript for publication. With simple measures such as searching and selecting meaningful keywords, authors can increase the visibility of their work in library catalogues, databases, repositories and search engines such as Google Scholar. Persistent identifiers such as ORCID iDs and affiliation guidelines facilitate the assignment of publications to authors and institutions.

ASEO does not aim to manipulate search results or rankings, but rather to support algorithms of discovery systems and databases in the automated recognition of relevant results. This also facilitates the searching of relevant publications from the searcher's point of view.

Knowing how library catalogues and search engines work, scholarly contributions can be further improved and subsequently made even easier to find. The Publication Services offer advice on metadata, keywords and index terms, as well as on meaningful formulations of titles, abstracts, subheadings, image captions, etc.


Publication Services
Universitätsplatz 3a, 3rd floor 8010 Graz


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