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Data Management Plans

A data management plan (DMP) structures and describes how the research data of a scientific project is handled, from collection to archiving. It thus helps to plan and oversee the entire research life cycle and to avoid data loss and additional effort. For example, a DMP specifies which data are generated, who is responsible for organizing, storing and preserving the data, and which data will be made accessible when and how. The University of Graz therefore recommends to use data management plans for all research activities.

Some important research funders require the use of DMPs for funded projects: Since 2019, the Austrian Science Fund FWF requires a DMP for all newly approved projects and has developed its own DMP template and evaluation rubric for this purpose. The DMP has to be submitted together with the FWF grant agreement for an approved project and should be regarded as a "living document" that is updated throughout the duration of the project. For Horizon Europe projects, a first version of the data management plan must be submitted within the first six months of the project. It must be updated as the project progresses if there are significant changes.

Templates and examples of data management plans:


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