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AFTER publication

Open Access Secondary Publication (Green Way)

The so-called Green Way of Open Access refers to the self-archiving of scholarly publications on Open Access publication servers (so-called repositories). The University of Graz has set up unipub as an institutional repository for its staff. This allows both researchers to make their publications accessible to a broad audience and the university to display its research output to the public.

Academic Social Networks

In recent years, various social networks for researchers such as Academia.edu and ResearchGate have become popular. In a broader sense, Mendeley can also be regarded as an academic social network. These networks offer new ways of scholarly communication, an opportunity for professional exchange and the sharing of publications, if that is legally possible.


In contrast to classical Bibliometrics (impact factor, h-index, self-factor) Altmetrics measure the attention that a scholarly publication receives. Currently, Altmetrics uses purely quantitative metrics, such as how many tweets or Facebook likes an article has received.


Making research data accessible

The publication of research data enhances the reproducibility of research results and enables a better re-use of research data. A growing number of funding agencies, publishers and institutions are therefore asking for diligent management of and Open Access to research data where this is possible and reasonable.


Publication Services
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