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Open Access Publication Fund for articles

The University of Graz supports its researchers in making their research results Open Access:

Publication costs (Article Processing Charges, APCs) for articles in subscription journals can be covered centrally by the University of Graz if an Open Access agreement is in place with the publisher of the respective journal - see Open Access Agreements

The Publication Fund covers APCs for articles in Gold Open Access journals to a maximum of EUR 2,000. For Gold Open Access publications with the publishers MDPI, Cambridge University Press and Taylor & Francis please make use of the respective publishing agreements.

The following requirements must be met to obtain funding from the Publication Fund:

  • The Corresponding Author of the publication is a member of the University of Graz.
  • The organizational affiliation of the Corresponding Author is stated as "University of Graz" (see Affiliation Guidelines).
  • The publication is made available under a Creative Commons License and is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  • The journal is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • The publication must include a funding acknowledgement such as: “The authors acknowledge the financial support by the University of Graz“.
  • Costs for publications originating from third-party funded projects (e.g. FWF or Horizon 2020 projects) cannot be covered.

If your publication meets these requirements, please submit a funding request (available in German only) as soon as you have submitted your article. Please note that publication costs that have already been paid cannot be refunded!

The Publication Services department of the University Library will review the request and notify you if (and which) publication costs can be covered.


Further information

  • Applications for funding can be submitted immediately before or after submission or shortly after acceptance of the article.
  • There is no entitlement to funding.
  • The following costs are not eligible for funding:
    • Costs for Open Access articles in subscription journals (hybrid model); publication costs for these articles can be financed under Open Access Agreements, if applicable.
    • Additional costs such as page charges, colour charges etc.
  • The author must ensure that publication costs that exceed the maximum funding amount of EUR 2,000 will be covered by the respective academic unit (institute/faculty centre). These costs will be booked from the academic unit to the University Library after the library has paid the publisher´s invoice.



1. You submit a funding request for an article in a Gold Open Access journal. The request will be sent to the Publication Services department of the University Library and registered by the Central Registry department.

2. The Publication Services department reviews the request and notifies you and the head of your academic unit (as named in the form) whether and to what extent the publication costs will be covered. If publication costs can be covered by the University Library, the Publication Services department will send you the standard wording for the acknowledgements that must be included in the publication.

3. You send the contact details of the publishing house to the Publication Services department as soon as your publication is accepted and the costs are to be paid to the publisher.

4. The Publication Services department will provide the publisher with the necessary invoicing data based on the SAP order (order number and invoicing address).

5. The publisher sends the invoice to the Central Registry department. (If you receive the invoice directly from the publisher, please inform the Publication Services department of the University Library and do not pay the costs yourself!) The invoice is processed in the electronic invoice workflow.

6. Publication costs that exceed the funding granted by the University Library will automatically be debited from the account of your academic unit as specified in your funding request.

7. When your article is published please inform the Publication Services department of the University Library. Your publication will be uploaded to the repository unipub.


Information desk
Universitätsplatz 3a 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3118

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