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Further sources of funding


Open Access in funded projects

Funders such as the FWF and the EU require that publications from funded projects be made Open Access. Related costs are covered by the funder under certain conditions. Further information can be found External Funding.


FWF Programme "Stand-alone Publications”

Funding from this programme applies to stand-alone publications such as books in all disciplines and is granted independently of other FWF funding programmes.

With this programme the FWF aims to support the publication of results of basic research of international relevance.

Only excellent scientific/scholarly publications that meet the current scientific standards of the respective subject area in terms of content and form and which can be expected to broaden scientific/scholarly knowledge significantly or to advance research in the field in question can be funded.

Prior to approval, publications undergo a review process that usually takes about six months. The rights for simultaneous Open Access archiving of the publication must exist, as all funded works are made accessible in the FWF E-Book Library Open Access.



Publication Services
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