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The Company of Biologists

Conditions of funding: Articles submitted to the publisher’s subscription-based and Gold Open Access journals are eligible for funding under the agreement. The corresponding author must be a member of the University of Graz at the time that the article is accepted for publication. Funding will not be provided if publishing costs are covered by research grants, from, among others, the FWF, ERC or FFG. The library will review the author’s eligibility for funding. The corresponding author is responsible for securing the agreement of all co-authors to Open Access publication and the related CC licence.

The Open Access agreement allows for publishing in the following journals:

  • Development
  • Journal of Cell Science
  • Journal of Experimental Biology
  • Disease, Models and Mechanisms
  • Biology Open

Types of article: Original research papers only. Review papers, commentaries, correspondence, corrections, additions, posters etc. will not receive funding.

Article Processing Charges: APCs are covered by the Open Access agreement. Authors do not incur any APCs. Additional costs, like page charges or colour charges, are not covered within the scope of the Open Access agreement.

Creative Commons Licence: CC-BY



The Company of Biologists uses the e-mail domain and institutional affiliation to identify eligible corresponding authors. Therefore, please use your official e-mail address (@uni-graz.at or @edu.uni-graz.at) and, if possible, submit your article from the University of Graz network. Follow the University of Graz affiliation guidelines when stating which institution you belong to.

Acceptance process

The Company of Biologists uses the RightsLink web interface (Copyright Clearance Centre, CCC) for the execution of the agreement. To apply for the transfer of costs to the University of Graz, please click on the highlighted blue button “pay charges now/raise an invoice” in the information e-mail from The Company of Biologists. (You will be redirected to the correct page on RightsLink-CCC, even though the wording is misleading). You need to register on RightsLink-CCC the first time you use it. Select the Open Access option “Seek Funding by Universität Graz”, and follow the steps on the web interface. If the criteria for funding are met, you will not incur any costs.  The stated costs will be settled by the University Library.
You must cite the funding through the University of Graz in the acknowledgements. The recommended wording is: “The authors acknowledge the financial support by the University of Graz”.
Retroactive Open Access publication can be authorised for articles that were accepted between 01.01.2022 and 31.12.2024. Please e-mail us about this option at ub.zeitschriften(at)uni-graz.at.

After publication
If you, as the corresponding author, are an employee of the University of Graz, you should enter your article into the University of Graz Research Portal. The platform can be accessed from your UNIGRAZonline business card or at forschungsportal.uni-graz.at. For further information as well as instructions, (German only), please see the Intranet.
In accordance with the University of Graz Open Access policy, it is recommended that university members make previously published articles available in the institutional repository unipub, as long as there is no severe legal or financial reason not to do so.




Open-Access-Abkommen / Open Access Agreements
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