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Financing and funding

Open Access at the FWF

The Austrian Science Fund FWF has been pursuing an Open Access Policy since 2003. Scientific publications resulting from projects funded by the FWF must be published in Open Access. Open Access to publications is ensured through direct publication in an Open Access venue or by self-deposition of the author’s accepted manuscript in any sustainable subject or institutional repository. Any embargo period of the selected publisher or journal should not exceed 12 months. In addition to the project budget, the FWF refunds publication costs in connection with Open Access.

Open Access in the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme

Peer reviewed scientific publications relating to project results are subject to an Open Access obligation according to Article 29.2 of the Grant Agreement (GA).

Articles may either be published in a Gold Open Access journal or released in a hybrid journal and be immediately available free of charge. All publications provided through Gold Open Access must additionally be uploaded to a repository at the time of publication.

Alternatively, an electronic copy of the published article or the final manuscript must be uploaded to a repository (online archive for research publications). An embargo period of up to 6 months (12 months for publications in the social sciences and humanities) may be specified.

Open Access publication of non-peer-reviewed publications is encouraged but voluntary.

Peer-reviewed scientific publications originating from Horizon Europe projects must be published open access (cf. Article 17 of the General Model Grant Agreement). For this purpose, the final version or the version accepted for publication must be made available on an open access repository at the latest at the time of publication. This also applies if the publication is already openly accessible, e.g. in an open access journal.

To comply with these requirements, authors can upload their publications to a trusted repository such as Open Research Europe or unipub.

All articles must be immediately made available under a free licence (CC BY or equivalent); for monographs and other long-form formats, more restrictive licences such as CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND are also permitted.

Publication fees for articles in Open Access journals and other “full open access venues” are eligible for reimbursement.


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