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ILL Interlibrary loan

You can use the interlibrary loan service of the university library Graz if the publication you are looking for is not available in Graz. Therefore you have to search uni≡kat. We offer an introduction to the usage of the interlibrary loan and the document delivery systems (fixed dates see user training).


You can order books and journal articles directly in the library catalogue (link „interlibrary loan“). For procedural reasons it is necessary that you order the media separately (one volume one order).
We try to purchase books which are required in the current year depending on the budgetary situation. Therefore, please use the form acquisition requests.


Interlibrary loan books can only be picked up and returned at the interlibrary loan desk at the issue desk. The books are kept at the issue desk until the end of the loan period.
Books which are not collected by then are sent back to the supplier without further notice. Therefore, always check your library account.

Interlibrary Loan Fees

The interlibrary loan is a service of the university library for members of the university and for registered users. Users are charged for this service. By making an ILL request you agree to pay a fee. The costs consist of the fees of our partner library or the fees of the document delivery services as well as the postal charges. Therefore we can only give approximate prices here.
Payment of interlibrary loan fees on collecting the publication!

Books per volume

  • Domestic: mostly € 2
    Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien: € 4
    Angewandte Kunst Wien: € 4
    Kunstuniversität Linz: € 6
    Medizinische Universität Wien: € 7
  • Germany: ca. € 10-20
  • Other countries could be even more expensive

Journal articles


  • Domestic: mostly € 0.40 per page
    UB-Med-Wien up to 20 pages € 7
    Österreichische Nationalbibliothek from the 1st page up to 50 pages service-fee € 25
  • Germany: up to 20 pages ca. € 10-20

Many partner libraries do not offer copying services with more than 50 pages to be copied in one order. Other libraries demand extra charges for larger requests.

Electronic delivery is not possible because of the copy right law!

Please note that we offer many journals online in full text versions.

Delivery time

About 2-5 weeks

In some cases we will be able to provide you with the ordered books and articles sooner as mentioned above. In some other cases the delivery time will be longer than mentioned. If your order is due longer than 21 days, we would ask you to contact us so that we can go into the matter.

Loan period

Please note that the loan period and the loan conditions of books (reading room use or borrowing) is assigned by the lending library. This period can be much shorter than the usual one month period. Interlibrary loan books must not be taken away from the interlibrary loan location!


When the media you have ordered arrive you get informed via the email address registered at the issue desk of the university library (or via your home address if your email address is not registered). Unfortunately, a different way of notification is not possible.

Overdue fees

In your own interest, we would kindly ask you to observe the return deadline of the media. If you do not observe it, it is possible that you do not only have to pay the local fees but also the overdue fees of the lending library.

Considering the necessary good understanding we have with our partner libraries concerning the lending network, it is not possible to make new interlibrary loan orders if there are still open reminders.


In most cases it is not allowed to renew interlibrary loan books. Yet, if you need the book for a longer period we would ask you to inform us via email to ub.fernleihe(at)uni-graz.at 2 or 3 days before it is due (name the order number). If the lending library does not allow the renewal you have to return the book within the next 5 working days. You can not renew the book more than twice!

Exempted media

Very rare or old media (publication date before 1900) cannot be ordered via interlibrary loan. Concerning media worth protecting we are bound to the regulations of the lending library.  

The university library Graz does not lend media published before 1900 via interlibrary loan either. Yet, you can order these via the digitization service in CD-ROM format.

Active interlibrary loan (for libraries and institutions outside Graz)

If you are a member of another university/institution and you need a document of the library of the Karl-Franzens university Graz, please contact the inter library loan service at your regular university. They send the request to: ub.fernleihe(at)uni-graz.at


Interlibrary loan (ILL) Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3123

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