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UB Graz offers printed and electronic books. Find them in unikat.

E-Books (elektronic books)

  • Online available as fulltext
  • Access for members of the University (students & staff) to licensed e-books in the university's network
  • Access for all others library users to licensed e-books on workstations in the library

E-Books on Demand (EOD)

  • You may commission the digitization of any of the main library's books where the copyright has expired (usually 70 years after the author's death) and the book's condition allows digitization. For more information see E-Books on Demand (EOD).


  • Printed monographs are not open access as a rule. the main library has a closed stack.
  • The are open access holdings at all other faculty, branch and departmental libraries.
  • Documents published after 1900 usually can be borrowed, if not they can be used in the reading room of the special collections.
  • If you want us to buy specific books please let us know by filling in the form on the page acquisition requests.

Books before 1900

  • Books published before 1900 can be found online in the image catalogue  (see also old stock 1501-1993).
  • They are stored in the department for special collections, can be used there but not be borrowed.

Reference books



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