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Holdings & search

Search portal uni≡kat

  • The search portal uni≡kat (unikat.uni-graz.at) is the central starting point for all your research. One single request provides you with results from all holdings of the university library. It also allows you to order/reserve and manage your library account.

Old holdings

  • Holdings before 1993 are not entirely online; when in doubt please refer to the card catalogues. For more information see old holdings.

Book holdings in the main library

  • Nominal catalogue 1501-1982
    The entire nominal catalogue is online as image catalogue.
    The Author catalogue 1501-1925 is located in the cellar.
    The Author catalogue 1926-1982 is located in the entrance hall (see photo).
  • Author catalogue 1983-1993
    This card catalogue is located in the entrance hall (photo, right).
    Its content can (for the greater part) also be found online in unikat.
  • Subject heading catalogue 1920-1993
    This card catalogue is located in the entrance hall (photo, left).
  • Systematic book catalogue 1501-1925
    The 907 catalogue books with green cover include bibliographic references about different subjects and are located at the entrance of the catalogue room (photo, below).

Explaining the nominal catalogues

  • The entries in the author-title catalogue are ordered according to the so called "Preussischen Instruktion" (“Prussian instruction”). The entries are ordered alphabetically according to author. A work written by one to three authors can be found under these authors. In any other case the book can be found with its title, namely the first noun in the nominative. Umlauts get split, e.g. ä becomes ae, ß becomes ss, there is no difference between i and j. Example: "Preußens berühmtester König" can be found under "Koenig Preussen beruehmtester". For further questions please consult our information specialists


Information desk
Universitätsplatz 3a 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3118

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