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Access from home (VPN)

Easy access from home via VPN

Access to licensed resources (e-journals, e-books, databases; see terms of use) of the University of Graz is available to staff & students via VPN, a service of UNI IT.

You do (not) need VPN to...

  • Simply to search in unikat or to log in to order/reserve books or manage your account you don't need VPN.
  • You only need VPN to access electronic resources (e-journals, e-books, databases). To use these you need to install a VPN client because some resources don't work on the UniVPN portal.

UniVPN Portal

Anothe simple way for remote access is the UniVPN portal: during the current browser session you may access most licensed products (with some exceptions). When in doubt, please use the VPN client.

Terms of use

Please note that some resources can only be accessed on campus because of license restrictions.

VPN Client

To make sure access to all licensed databases is available, please install a VPN client on your personal computer (installation via the UniVPN portal). Details see info box on the right. For questions please refer to the servicedesk of UNI IT.

If you have different VPN profiles to choose from after installing the client, select the option "UniVPN UB Recherche" to get access to all electronic resources of the University Library.


IT services Uni Graz (Uni IT) Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2240


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