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Friday, 02 April 2021

Up-to-the-minute information on around 460,000 companies in Austria

Compass-Verlag draws on the commercial register of the Republic of Austria as its authorised source for basic information on companies. This is then supplemented with information such as VAT numbers, the contact person in the second level of management, heads of department, etc. The publishing editors make use of a variety of relevant sources, (the Austrian Patent Office, the Federal Ministry of Justice’s database of insolvency proceedings and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce amongst others), to carry out around 1000 updates to the database every day.

As part of a sponsoring agreement with the University of Graz, Compass-Verlag has made the following modules of the Business-Compass available to us:

Companies: users can access information on master data, institutions and shareholdings, economic owners, economic data, excerpts and certificates, products and services and legal information.

Industry: every week the editorial staff research and update industry information from publicly accessible sources on around 540,000 commercially active companies. They verify details of business licences, types of business licences (sector), locations and company directors or owners.

Associations: the association search feature allows you to search the Federal Ministry of the Interior’s register of associations, (Zentrale Vereinsregister), by entering the ZVR number or the exact name of the association.

People: people can be researched if they have roles entered in the commercial register or register of associations, or if they hold either freelance positions or positions under trade law. Relevant cross-links will also be indicated for people who hold company or industry roles. Company employees are not recorded.

Insolvencies and new entries: new company records in the commercial register are available online, as are entries in the Republic of Austria’s database of insolvency proceedings, (company insolvencies and private bankruptcies), including the progress of insolvency proceedings.

The support button on the Compass homepage takes you to detailed information on the content and research options of each module, (help with searches, monitoring and other services).

The database can be accessed via the Compass logo on the university library homepage or via DBIS.


TIP: historical information on Austrian companies can be found at the related database, ZEDHIA. The full texts of more than 745 volumes with over 1.3 million pages from the Compass archive covering the years 1798 to 2003 are available.

If you have any questions, please contact ub.zeitschriften(at)uni-graz.at

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