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Testaments to the Holocaust. Documents and Rare Printed Materials from the Wiener Library, London

Tuesday, 06 December 2022

Eyewitness accounts and National Socialist propaganda materials between 1933 and the end of the Second World War.

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The primary source database Testaments to the Holocaust contains historical documents from the Wiener Holocaust Library in London, including typed and handwritten records, letters, index cards with biographical information about Nazi individuals and rare printed materials. The documents contain around 4000 photos. The sources provide information on the internal politics of Nazi Germany, Jewish life in Germany and Austria from 1933 to the post-war period, in the underground and in exile, and about the Shoah. Schoolbooks, songbooks and propagandistic novels give insights into daily life under National Socialism.

The Wiener Holocaust Library, the world’s oldest Holocaust archive, was founded by Alfred Wiener, a Jew who was forced to flee Germany in 1933. Since 1928 he had been working to collect all available information on the National Socialist party and eyewitness accounts from the Jewish community. The microfilmed archive documents of the Wiener Holocaust Library are available online for the first time in the Testaments to the Holocaust database. 

The search interface is preset to English. To set it to a different language, use the icon at the top right of the page.

The start page of Testaments to the Holocaust offers two search options:
* View all Documents in this Collection and Explore this Collection.
* You can filter the results list by category on the right-hand side of the page – Source Library, Document Type, Publication Date, Languages, Author, and Search Within. You can see which filters are currently set and remove them at the top of the results list.
* The results list can be sorted by date, title or relevance.
* The results list shows the author (if known), publication date and document type.
* Search results vary depending on whether you use German or English search terms.
* To see where your search terms occur in the full text, click on Keyword Preview.
* The documents can be viewed in their original form as scans or read and searched as plain text where OCR is possible.
* Use the icons at the top right to download materials or export citations to reference management software.

Please note that you can search both in this database and in the entire contents of Archives Unbound.
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* You will find more search results by using the search box at the top left, as this covers all licensed content in Archives Unbound.
You can combine your search terms using Boolean operators in the Advanced Search and also filter by collection, content type (newspapers, manuscripts or monographs), publication date and language.

Topic Finder: displays content on the same topic as your search terms as graphics and leads to additional search results.

Testaments to the Holocaust is licenced by the University of Graz Library and is accessible via unikat and DBIS. The database is accessible on campus and, for university members, remotely using a VPN.

Please pay attention to the Terms of Use. The University Library accepts no responsibility for the use of your data by third-party providers.

Please make use of our online tutorials on unikat, literature research and reference management as well as the courses held during the semester. For more information, please see the university library’s course catalogue.

If you have any further questions about this database, please contact ub.zeitschriften(at)uni-graz.at


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