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ProQuest: Periodicals Archive Online

Tuesday, 02 November 2021

Periodicals archive for the humanities and social sciences

Periodicals Archive Online (PAO) offers researchers a comprehensive digital archive of leading international humanities and social sciences periodicals covering more than two centuries.

PAO contains 630 periodicals, comprising around 3 million articles, in many languages on all humanities and social science subjects as well as philosophy, theology and related disciplines. The majority are academic journals, but there are also magazines and historical publications. The content reaches from 1665 to 2000 and many of the periodicals are only available online through PAO.

ProQuest’s user-friendly search interface offers, amongst others, the following options:

  • On the start page you can click on change databases to choose whether to search exclusively in PAO, or in other databases at the same time.
  • From the publications list, you can go directly to your chosen journal.
  • Title histories are taken into account so that, when you search one title, all earlier and later variants are included in the search.
  • Advanced search: You can filter your search by various criteria, such as author, publication title or publication subject. You can also use the look up function to search for these things in an index. Clicking on your selected entry will add it to the search field. Search terms can also be combined.
    Searching by publication subject allows you to get an unfiltered view of the state of research at a particular time.
  • You can use filters to narrow your search by type of source, publication date, document type, journal title, subject and language. 
  • Articles are available as high-resolution pictures or as PDFs. Abstracts are shown when available.
  • Because articles are shown in the original layout of the print edition, there may also be advertisements, promotions and pictures available, depending on the journal.

Every page of the publications from 1828 to 2000 is available as a full-page scan in high-resolution greyscale or colour. The full texts are searchable using OCR (optical character recognition)

PAO’s sister database, Periodicals Index Online (PIO), contains bibliographic documentation of over 20 million articles from around 6000 journals.
If the full text of the source you need is licenced in Periodicals Archive Online, you will see the PDF in your search results. If not, you can click the "get it" button to find other links to the text online, or to where the printed source is to be found at the Graz University Library.

Periodicals Archive Online is licenced by the university library for the University of Graz. It can be accessed from the campus via unikat and DBIS and most of the journals are listed in the EZB. Members of the university can also access it from outside the campus with a VPN.

Please make use of our online tutorials on unikat, literature research and reference management, as well as the courses that take place during the semester. For more information, please see the library’s course catalogue.

If you have any questions, please contact ub.zeitschriften(at)uni-graz.at.

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