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Linde Digital

Monday, 03 May 2021

Digital research portal for business, taxation and law


In Linde Digital you can access reference books, browse professional journals and research using relevant resources with ease and efficiency. Besides their fee-based content, Linde Digital also offer freely available content, as detailed in their list of resources. For example, the parliament website (up-to-date information), tax regulations, decrees and rulings of the ECJ, the Federal Court of Finance and the Supreme Court of Justice are all documented and researchable.

The navigation tabs below the search box on the home page allow you to move between the general view, (“Übersicht”), the whole library, (“Gesamtbibliothek”), and your own library, (“Eigene Bibliothek”).

General view: in the left- hand column you will see:

Current journals: the 3 newest issues of each of the journals available through Linde.

Own content: all licenced content, arranged by subject category. Here you will find all available volumes of the journals, commentaries and reference books, plus further freely available sources edited by Linde under “Laws, regulations and judicature”, (“Gesetze, Richtlinien und Judikatur”), and an index of abbreviations under “Tools”, (“Hilfsmittel”).

Archive: all older editions of reference books and commentaries are listed alphabetically here.

à please note: these resources will only be included in your search if you click on the plus symbol on the right of the search box.

News: current information from the Linde editorial office

Own library: in the left-hand column you will see:

Quick filter: a source list containing all the licenced content. You can filter this by subject, type of document, publication or date.

Smart rank: This tool allows you to customise a search result by choosing relevant keywords, generated on the basis of your search terms. These are displayed as a cloud.

The list of search results is displayed in the central column.

Alerts: Linde will reliably and regularly email you about new content relevant to your saved searches. To receive these alerts, you need to personally register on the website. You will need to do this before accessing Linde Digital via the university.

Via the detailed view of the search results, you can save searches, export results and print. The table of contents for your chosen publication is displayed in the left-hand column, and the right-hand column shows where the document has been cited, as well as any other versions of the text.

Tutorial and information:

  • Linde Digital offers a free video tutorial for students (German only): https://lawstar.at/kurse/linde-digital-videokurs
    This free video course is separated into three parts. The first is about the structure and content, the second focuses on navigation and subsequent use of content and the third covers searching for and locating information. After each part, there are three questions to answer as a sort of quiz. The lawstar website will soon be offering to issue a certificate when all the questions were answered correctly.
  • The Linde Digital help page (German only) also offers detailed and clear information about the structure, content and research options of the database. You can find the context-sensitive help page in the right-hand column of the Linde Digital page.

Linde Digital is licenced by the University Library of the University of Graz. It is accessible for all members of the university via the login button on the home page (“Anmelden mit Institution”). Please choose the University of Graz on the drop-down menu and log in using your UGO account details.

The database Linde Digital is accessible via DBIS.

When you log in you will be asked to accept the terms of use. The content of Linde Digital may only be used for teaching and research purposes and may not be passed on to others.

If you have any questions, please contact ub.zeitschriften(at)uni-graz.at

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