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Brill’s New Pauly

Monday, 05 September 2022

Standard reference work on the ancient world and its reception history

Brill’s New Pauly is a comprehensive reference work on the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean  and their reception history. It comprises articles on art, language and literature, history of science and education, natural sciences, medicine, law, religion, architecture, archaeology and regional cultures.
Brill’s New Pauly covers the ancient world from the second century BCE to the Early Middle Ages in Europe in around 20,000 articles by more than 1600 authors. The volumes on reception history continue the theme, offering insight into the influence of ancient cultures beyond that era, reaching as far as the present day. They incorporate the continual reinterpretation of classical ideas over time and developments in research.

The content of the database Der Neue Pauly Online / Brill’s New Pauly Online is the same as the German and English language print editions, as well as the supplementary volumes.
The supplementary volumes complement the encyclopedic content of the reference work. They present their subjects in more depth, with additional facts and context and many pictures and maps.

* Brill’s New Pauly Supplements Online I consists of 6 reference works on the ancient world and its reception in later centuries, including a Historical Atlas of the Ancient World. (The print edition in German has seven volumes because it includes an index of volumes 13-15. This index is included elsewhere in the online version.) 

Brill's New Pauly Supplements Online I (English-language volumes):
Volume 1: Chronologies of the Ancient World
Volume 2: Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts
Volume 3: Historical Atlas of the Ancient World
Volume 4: The Reception of Myth and Mythology
Volume 5: The Reception of Classical Literature
Volume 6: The History of Classical Scholarship

* Brill’s New Pauly Supplements Online II will consist of two volumes on the reception of the ancient world, one on the reception of historical figures (the counterpart to The Reception of Myth and Mythology in the first group), two lexicons and two handbooks of the ancient world.

Brill's New Pauly Supplements Online II (English-language volumes):
Volume 7: Figures of Antiquity and their Reception in Art, Literature and Music (= Volume 8 in German)
Volume 8: The Reception of Antiquity in Renaissance Humanism (= Volume 9 in German)
Volume 9: The Early Mediterranean World, 1200 - 600 BC (= Volume 10 in German)
Volume 10: History and Culture of Byzantium (= Volume 11 in German)
Volume 11: Greek and Roman Military History (forthcoming)
Volume 12: The Reception of Antiquity in the Enlightenment (= Volume 13 in German)
Volume 13: The Germanic Peoples and Ancient Rome (forthcoming)


Searching: Depending on which homepage you choose, you can search the entire contents of either the English or the German version.
At the bottom of the page, you will find notes on using the database, lists of abbreviations and transliterations and other information.
On the homepage, you can perform a basic or advanced search or browse an alphabetical list of articles from all the sources in Brill’s New Pauly.

On the left-hand side of your results list, you will find options to filter it by region, subject or keyword.
After you choose an article, it is possible to switch between the English and German versions. On the right is a table of contents and on the vertical blue bar are icons to export the citation or print the article. There are also links to any available related articles.

 As the articles in the supplements and the main work are all cross-referenced, it is easy to find background information.

Brill’s help page offers search tips and a guide to transliterations and special characters.


History: The history of this long-established reference work goes back to 1837. In that year, August Friedrich Pauly (1796-1845) published the first volume of his Real-Encyclopädie der classischen Alterthumswissenschaft in alphabetischer Ordnung.

The follow-up work, Paulys Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft was published between 1893 and 1978 and is known by the abbreviation RE, or the names of the publishers, Pauly-Wissowa. The Kleine Pauly: Lexikon der Antike (1964 to 1975), a compact edition in five volumes, was aimed mainly at students.
The New Pauly in 19 volumes, plus supplements, was published between 1996 and 2003 and has been available in an English edition since 2002.

The University of Graz licences Der Neue Pauly Online/Brill’s New Pauly Online, as well as Supplements I and II in both German and English. They are accessible via unikat and DBIS.
The database is accessible from anywhere on campus and remotely via VPN for university members.
You can find the database, print editions of the New Pauly, the previous titles and supplements I and II in unikat, with their locations and holdings information.
Please note the terms and conditions of use.

Please make use of our online tutorials on unikat, literature research and reference management, as well as the courses that take place during the semester. For more information, please see the university library’s course catalogue.

If you have any further questions about this database, please contact ub.zeitschriften(at)uni-graz.at.

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